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    My mission is to make love a global force, awakening all willing hearts and minds, to create a world that works.
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    I will light the path. Hold your highest vision. Guide you to find your answers within.
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    Wake up into your happy dream.
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    Happiness within is true freedom. Learn how to create a life you love from the inside out.
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The Happiness Blueprint

A free 25-page guide to download!

How to manifest abundance


This week a theme I’m witnessing that many are experiencing is the desire to create more abundance in their lives. For a long time, we have been blocked by a lack mentality and scarcity mindset; we might have picked up some of these ideas growing up in our families or learned it from media and society. We’ve been told that we…read more

How to deal with emotions


I have always been someone who feels everything–my own emotions, the emotions of others, and I’m very sensitive and aware of the energy behind words or what’s not being said. This has been a gift because it has allowed me to connect in a meaningful way with others as I deeply empathize with them on all levels. But the other…read more

The third option we never knew about


This week I’m witnessing my clients and readers experience a challenge around how to show up in their relationships and in their lives–they’re feeling like they are either acting aggressively or passively–trying to control things or the opposite and waiting for someone else to make the decisions. Ego is telling them that they have one of two choices: control things or…read more

Happiness is an inside job


Two things I discovered on the beginning of my path: We’ve been searching for happiness outside of us, and it’s actually inside of us. We create a life we love from the inside out; our external landscape is a direct reflection of our internal landscape. I witness my clients awaken to the ways in which they’ve held themselves back and the miraculous…read more