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Let a breakup be your awakening


In today’s podcast I’m talking about breaking up because it’s hard to, the gift that’s available to us in moments of great change, and how you can actually allow all of it to bring you closer to your deepest desires and dreams – the relationships you really want and the way you really want to be feeling in your life….
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On knowing what you want


Today’s podcast is all about living in our truth and letting love be a force in our everyday lives – so we can stop living in the mundane and start living in the miraculous. Many people tell me they don’t know what they really want – but they do and they have ignored it or denied it for so long…
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You are exactly where you need to be


Trust gives us wings of courage and perseverance when we need to move through life’s changes and challenges. It helps us release the relationship we are terrified to let go of. It helps us respect ourselves more and say no when we need to. It helps us put our creative ideas and projects out into the world. It helps us…
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The spiritual purpose of relationships


We are meant to learn and grow with different people – at different times in our lives. But here’s the thing that I think we often miss and something that is really revelatory in my work with my clients as they discover this truth: relationships are not something we’re supposed to have to work at all the time – we…
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Jennifer’s Mentoring

As we realize our own potential, we help others realize theirs. The act of mentoring is to hold the highest vision for someone, to see their full potential and guide them so they can fully step into it. The radical path is love. Living in love is living creatively, purposefully, and fearlessly. Step onto your path now to awaken to your greatest potential.

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