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    I will light the path. Hold your highest vision. Guide you to find your answers within.
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    Wake up into your happy dream.
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    Happiness is true freedom. If you are here, you know you are ready.
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The Happiness Blueprint

A free 25-page guide to download!

Breaking Patterns in Relationships


Learning to take care of ourselves is one of our biggest lessons. For so long we put ourselves last, or we didn’t honor and respect ourselves, and we were living in fear without even knowing it—fear of upsetting others, fear of taking up too much space in the world, fear of not being good enough. Now this all changes. This…read more

How to Overcome Fear


Getting over our fear is not as simple as “just do it” because it’s not best to act from a place of fear, to push yourself and do it anyway. When we do things from a place of fear, we don’t get the results we desire. The work is to move through the fear into a deeper knowing, a deeper…read more

Why we don’t need to fix ourselves


Many times we are afraid to do the work or begin a new path to our goals because we are afraid to fail and we fear that we won’t be able to make the changes we want to make; we have experienced real disappointments in past times. But many were trying to fix themselves and that is where the error is because we don’t actually need to be…read more

What Are Your Relationships Teaching You?


This week I’m witnessing those I’m mentoring experience some insights around their relationships, coming to an understanding that these relationships are in their lives to help them see where they are still carrying an old wound or fear in which they had kept hidden or tucked away on the subconscious level. They discover that an emotion or trigger sits dormant…read more