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    Align with your best self and become unstoppable.
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    I will light the path. Hold your highest vision. Guide you to find your answers within.
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    Happiness is true freedom. If you are here, you know you are ready.
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The Happiness Blueprint

A free 25-page guide to download!

Break Free From a Habit


I use to live in patterns of thinking and behaving that were destructive to my happiness and my relationships and every other part of my life, but I didn’t know how to break free from the unconscious patterns that I felt stuck and rooted in. I struggled with negative thoughts, fears, limiting beliefs and behaviors that hurt me; I would…read more

When We Give Too Much in Our Relationships


There was a time when I focused more of my attention on my relationships than I did on myself. I was more invested in everyone else’s process than my own and I was looking outside of myself for happiness, love, attention and at the same time, I was taking on everyone else’s challenges and absorbing that energy and making it…read more

You are a Powerful Creator


I’ve always been highly sensitive to my surroundings, feeling the energy of people and places, an intuitive knowing about what was real and true, and what wasn’t. When we are highly sensitive, we know more. And a lot of the time we let the things that irritate us in the world shut us down and we succumb to feeling like…read more

Forgiveness Sets You Free


Forgiveness can be the hardest thing to do, but the hardest thing to do is always the very thing that sets us free. With many people I work with, a large and profound part of their transformation is through forgiveness. They’ve been holding anger and resentments that they sometimes didn’t even know they had, against people, past experiences, and even…read more