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Clear Emotional Blocks to Fly


You have a wellspring of love and abundance within you – you just have to clear the blocks to everything that’s waiting inside. In today’s podcast I talk about clearing emotional blocks to reach new heights and how our emotions are the gateway to our transformation and our dreams. Often it is our greatest challenges and our saddest moments that…
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Your sensitivity is your superpower


When the world tells you you’re too sensitive or you’re “too much”, rather than believing them, just be you – be unapologetically you. It’s not the ones who love big who need to change; it’s the world that is divided in hatred and judgment that needs to change. Which is precisely why we’re here. A sensitivity and awareness of what…
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Are you giving your power away? How to take it back


In this week’s podcast I talk about the four ways in which we give our power away that I’ve identified over the past few years through my own experience and in my mentoring work + how to take your power back. We give our power away when we believe in our fear-based thoughts; we give our power to other people,…
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Creating a Balanced Relationship


We are unable to go light up the world, to fulfill our life’s purpose, when our relationships are out of alignment. Our success in the world is in direct proportion to the quality of love in our relationships. Over the years I’ve discovered different stages of the transformation process; when I work with those I’m mentoring, we often begin with…
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Jennifer’s Mentoring

As we realize our own potential, we help others realize theirs. The act of mentoring is to hold the highest vision for someone, to see their full potential and guide them so they can fully step into it. The radical path is love. Living in love is living creatively, purposefully, and fearlessly. Step onto your path now to awaken to your greatest potential.

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