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Podcast: Why judging less and loving more is so important


Through the work with my clients the past five years, I’ve discovered that a primary challenge we have is a fear of being judged by others and that this fear stems from our own self-judgement. What I’ve experience through my own process and witnessing those I work with, is that as we begin to love and accept ourselves, we allow…
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Podcast: Raising the bar for your life


It’s time to raise the bar for ourselves and for our relationships so that we can begin to experience a new level of growth and happiness in our lives – rather than settling like many of us have been or so long. We take ourselves wherever we go so we don’t want the same patterns in a new form every time….
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Podcast: Awakening to your power within


I used to be a nonbeliever. I grew up with Buddhist parents and meditation was part of my awareness for a long time, but I always dismissed it and even judged it. I had no belief in a higher power – or an understanding that this spiritual power was in me and that I was being guided and supported even…
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Podcast: The daily practice that changes everything


Ready to break out of the cocoon and spread your wings? We are entering a month of transformation, with the first day of spring, marking a time of new beginnings. Butterfly is such a beautiful symbol of transformation and shows up in my life whenever I am about to break free of even more limitation. We can experience change as gracefully or as painfully…
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Jennifer’s Mentoring

The radical path is love. I believe we all have a purpose that we are meant to wake up to as we clear the fear and activate our true potential, becoming love in action. When we create our lives from the inside out, we empower ourselves and step into a life aligned with the divine blueprint of our soul.

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