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How to co-create with the universe


When I finally jumped the net didn’t appear — for three years. And along the way I fell really hard. More than once. But none of it was a mistake. Over the years watching my own process and those I’m mentoring, I’ve witnessed the place where many of us get stuck when we are trying to create a life we…
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When to leave a relationship


We’ve all been in denial on some level or felt disappointment — I know my hardest lessons came when I refused to face the truth of what was in front of me. And it comes in many different packages, big and small, with longterm loves or short-lived friendships, but through it all we learn to more deeply, more honestly look…
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Letting go and releasing attachment


I did not gain more clarity or confidence or align with my life’s purpose through reading more books after the first initial few that changed things for me, or by going to more workshops or retreats, or buying crystals or card decks. I did it through letting go, experiencing loss on many levels, and clearing blocks. Oftentimes we are so…
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When we get off track


When we get off track, it can feel like a downward spiral especially when we are being hard on ourselves. And this has been a month of missteps and miscommunication for many. We might have fallen off track with our food or exercise or self-care and rest. Sometimes it can be as subtle as a thought that is fear-based that…
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Jennifer’s Mentoring

As we realize our own potential, we help others realize theirs. The act of mentoring is to hold the highest vision for someone, to see their full potential and guide them so they can fully step into it. The radical path is love. Living in love is living creatively, purposefully, and fearlessly. Step onto your path now to awaken to your greatest potential.

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