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    My mission is to make love a global force, awakening all willing hearts and minds, to create a world that works.
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    I will light the path. Hold your highest vision. Guide you to find your answers within.
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    Wake up into your happy dream.
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    Happiness within is true freedom. Learn how to create a life you love from the inside out.
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The Happiness Blueprint

A free 25-page guide to download!

How to clear the fear blocks


I know a lot of you are experiencing challenges and blocks right now — and you’re also experiencing beautiful shifts and revelations; it is such a time of great change for so many. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on my path is that the world isn’t happening to us — we are happening to it. When I hit…read more

I lost everything I owned one year ago


When we choose to follow our dreams and passions, to step onto our spiritual path,  to pioneer our soul’s path, sometimes it’s a rough ride in the beginning. You might have heard of The Hero’s Journey, which has been described as a path of trials; all the great movies are created from this template. It’s a path where obstacles and…read more

Gift someone with your presence


The holidays are here and now is the time we focus our attention on our loved ones, gather together, feel connected and most importantly feel the love. I invite you this month to give your presence, not just your presents to those you love. The power of your presence has the capacity to heal, to open the energy to love…read more

My 5-step exercise for clearing negative thoughts


I first began my spiritual path after my life had spiraled out of control and my mind and emotions were riddled with negativity. You might be at rockbottom or you might just be feeling blocked or experiencing struggle, but when we begin to shift our mental patterns, and our thoughts, we begin to change our life. This is where I…read more