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Ready to break out of the cocoon and spread your wings? We are entering a month of transformation, with the first day of spring, marking a time of new beginnings. Butterfly is such a beautiful symbol of transformation and shows up in my life whenever I am about to break free of even more limitation. We can experience change as gracefully or as painfully…
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Are you addicted to love?


In this week’s podcast I share my personal challenge with love addiction and how I freed myself from the most painful pattern in my life. When we are addicted to love outside of us – or anything outside of us – we give our power away to this thing or person. Now we can step into our power in all areas…
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The deeper purpose of relationships


This month we’ve covered the idea that our primary relationship is the one with ourselves and we’ve pushed past our ideas of love and realized that love is something within us and all around us. In this week’s podcast we’ll be diving into the spiritual purpose of relationships and how to show up for these divine assignments with better communication…
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Dissolving romantic illusions


In today’s podcast I share how to dissolve romantic illusions and clear the blocks to more love in your life and relationships. I explore the difference between a relationship based on ego and a relationship based on love, sharing my own experiences, and how both types of relationships bring us learning opportunities so we can grow more – so wherever…
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Jennifer’s Mentoring

The radical path is love. I believe we all have a purpose that we are meant to wake up to as we clear the fear and activate our true potential, becoming love in action. When we create our lives from the inside out, we empower ourselves and step into a life aligned with the divine blueprint of our soul.

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