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Podcast: Unleash your creativity


In today’s podcast I want to inspire you to crack open your creativity and connect with yourself in an even deeper more meaningful way so that you can move out into the world in a really powerful way. I share three powerful ways to do this. Today marks the 365th day of my #lovepioneer watercolors which I began posting on…
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Podcast: Better Communication in Relationships


My fears and emotions used to run my life and make me feel out of control of myself and my relationships. I was always very sensitive so I absorbed a lot of what was going on around me, the energies of others and my surroundings, but I also had my own stuff that I needed to process and eventually heal…
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Podcast: Clearing the blocks to what you want


I spent most of my life trying to control things and make everything happen and it wasn’t until four years ago that I finally started trying a new way realizing that my old way wasn’t working because it only brought more struggle. In today’s podcast I show you the real way to manifest your dreams and how to let go…
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Podcast: Why judging less and loving more is so important


Through the work with my clients the past five years, I’ve discovered that a primary challenge we have is a fear of being judged by others and that this fear stems from our own self-judgement. What I’ve experience through my own process and witnessing those I work with, is that as we begin to love and accept ourselves, we allow…
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Jennifer’s Mentoring

As we realize our own potential, we help others realize theirs. The act of mentoring is to hold the highest vision for someone, to see their full potential and guide them so they can fully step into it. The radical path is love. Living in love is living creatively, purposefully, and fearlessly. Step onto your path now to awaken to your greatest potential.

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