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    My mission is to make love a global force, awakening all willing hearts and minds, to create a world that works.
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    I will light the path. Hold your highest vision. Guide you to find your answers within.
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    Wake up into your happy dream.
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    Happiness within is true freedom. Learn how to create a life you love from the inside out.
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The Happiness Blueprint

A free 25-page guide to download!

How to release resistance


There have been many times when I fell along the way, and got into rough patches and this is when resistance would come in most strongly–in challenging times. Resistance is the ego’s way of showing up and judging the current situation as bad, because our life is not looking how we want it to or think it should look. And…read more

Let go of your baggage


As we spiritually grow up, we begin to own our feelings, take responsibility for our happiness or unhappiness and from this place of personal clarity our relationships transform. Our primary relationship is the one with ourselves and our source within–we might call it the universe, spirit, God, Love–it all works. As we nourish this relationship with ourselves through our daily…read more

When fear blocks you in a new relationship


This week many of my clients and readers are experiencing new romantic relationships coming in for them. From a spiritual perspective, we know that relationships are assignments so this is a time in which we feel the love, but we may also feel the fear. The spiritual purpose of relationships is to quicken our healing and growth. This means that…read more

Being More Assertive


This week I’m witnessing many of my clients and readers experiencing a need to be more assertive rather than stay stuck in the old pattern of being “too nice”, in which they felt taken advantage of, weren’t speaking up for themselves or were afraid of upsetting others. Certain situations are triggering them to ask, what would love do? Love does…read more