There’s a myth that being sensitive is being weak. The beauty of myths is that the truth is usually the opposite of that which we assume to be real. I have always been very sensitive and am far from weak; my life path is not for the faint of heart.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a fierceness that runs through me, fueled by an acute awareness that we need a world that works — that the current one is broken. But since I didn’t have the tools to understand why I was so angry or frustrated by the injustices and lack of harmony on the planet, I had trouble managing my sensitivities to the world around me. I had not made the connection yet that I was on the planet to contribute to the change I wished to see in the world.

When we are more sensitive, we are more aware and it’s important to nurture this connection with ourselves so that we can use these gifts to navigate our lives in a higher way, but at some point I lost the deeper connection with myself and became very codependent on external circumstances to make me happy; for many years I was living in a space of anxiety and fear without even knowing it (it’s called stress) and in many ways I was waiting for everything to be perfect on the outside so I could start feeling happy, relaxed, safe, complete and whole on the inside.


Born to American Buddhist parents, reared on a macrobiotic diet and lots of love, in mountain town Boulder, Colorado, I had every opportunity to live in my happiness but for many years I wasn’t ready to listen.

For a long time I was blocked from who I really was and what my true calling was.

Almost a decade ago, I arrived in New York City and began a career in publishing. Within a couple years, I realized there was something more I was meant to do, but I felt trapped and confused. After almost five years, I left publishing to begin pioneering my own path — a leap of faith since I had no idea what that would look like for me.

A year later in 2011 I hit a rockbottom in a breakup and everything I had been unwilling to see came crashing into view – my fears and my lack of self-love – all of which was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening.

From the lowest point I had ever experienced, I became willing to do things differently and I started learning and applying the spiritual truths to my life.

I accepted the call, the invitation to step onto my soul’s path, and into a new world, leaving my old world behind. Love became a catalyst for my healing, my growth and subsequently awakening to my global mission to serve humanity.

Many times I am asked what made me decide to do the work I do and I always say my mission was placed in my heart; my soul’s blueprint was already mapped out by me before I came here, so my process has been coming into alignment with it rather than deciding or trying to figure out what my life’s purpose is. It unfolded from me as my heart opened to myself and then to the world. The most important training I have ever received is from LIFE — from my own inner and outer transformation.



It was in my darkest hour that I became willing to listen. Stepping out of what I would later discover was my Dark Night of the Soul, I began to live and apply the spiritual teachings, transforming my life from the inside out in ways I never thought possible.

The baseline of my transformation was that I chose to stop believing in illusions and start putting my faith in reality, which was a radical purification of all my fears and limiting beliefs and a return to the truth of the love within me. Dissolving separation and reconnecting with love was my path to freedom.

I’ve had to lose everything to gain what I’ve gained today; we are all stripped bare on some level to become who we really are. And who we really are are powerful creators, not victims of our circumstances.


As we leave our old life behind and step into the new one, we experience challenges and obstacles but every moment and situation calls us to move from fear to love; eventually we rise above the laws of the physical world and become a master of two worlds, our inner life and our outer life, claiming our power in both.

Through reconnecting with my true self, my mission hatched.

I awakened to my responsibility on the planet. Happiness is our purpose, and this is because our purpose is to serve. As we become happy, we are able to serve on a higher level because it’s a ripple effect of love, positively affecting everyone around us and we awaken to our life’s purpose–our mission.

My mission is to make love a global force,  awakening all willing hearts and minds by sharing the tools and teachings that awakened me to my best self.

I believe we all have a purpose that we are meant to wake up to as we shed our doubt and fear—allowing our gifts and passions to be revealed and activated. Our purpose is to share them with the world–to be love in action. The aliveness of this world cracks open to us and when we live in love.

Jennifer Kass is a spiritual mentor + writer. Jennifer’s mission is to make love a global force, awakening all willing hearts and minds, to create a world that works for everyone. In the past five years, Jennifer has mentored hundreds one-on-one all over the world in her transformational programs and writes a daily #lovepioneer series + created the weekly Love Pioneer Podcast and speaks to audiences on the power of transformative love. Jennifer is a writer for Well+Good, The Daily Love, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and other well-known blogs. A former editor at Condé Nast Publishing, Jennifer holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

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